He is simultaneously the cutest and hottest thing on earth when he dances. 

He’s being extremely cute and silly tonight..I love it

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"A zoo in China says it has a depressed panda so it just installed a TV in its cage to cheer it up. So that means right now, a depressed panda could be watching our show. And we thought we’d tell some jokes specifically for Seesha the Panda, and see if we can’t make her feel any better. Here we go.” 


Madridistas leaving the Bernabeu have nothing but praise for their captain | 23-04-14 


I guess we know what side Scott dresses to.

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“Iker Casillas, is the best goalkeeper in the world but he is also human. If you start to doubt Iker, then you doubt every single goalkeeper”

— David de Gea

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